Friday, August 31, 2007

In Memory

I had a whole post started for Tuesday, the 5th Anniversary of my mom's home going. It was full of emotion, what I miss, what could have been, all those thoughts and feelings that take over on anniversary's. But I didn't want to post it. After thinking about it, it was more for my benefit of getting those things out than an honor to my mom.

My mom was an amazing person, even if she didn't think she was anything special. She gave us life long reminders of her love, her care, just her. She quilted elaborate quilts our whole life, for our bed, for family to cuddle with and display on their walls, to curl up on the couch with when we're sick, for those who haven't even been born yet. She gave me her looks, I sound like her when I cough, I have her long fingernails (minus the hole in my thumbnail for quilting). I didn't obtain her relaxed nature of being able to sit still for hours though. :) She started to dive into ancestry dragging us to cemetaries for pictures, churches to look at microphiche and the anticipation of the Ellis Island website to launch, giving us deeper family values. She started to show us her uniqueness in doing a perennial garden and dad has kept up the green thumb with an elaborate veggie garden and keeping some of mom's plants going. She gave us a shoulder to cry on, a lap to cuddle in (ahem... Alex) when we were little, someone to laugh with, someone we could count on no matter what. God gave us what he thought was the perfect amount of time for us to be with her. Those are the things that make me smile and realize that even when times are hard, you miss someone like the day they died, when all you want to do is call your mom, that God has the ultimate plan and won't leave us behind.

Last weekend with all the storms and flooding, we weren't able to spend the weekend at grandpa's like we originally planned. Instead we were able to spend the day with Uncle Ron and Auntie Pat, Dan and Amy at their cottage in Decatur. I didn't realize this, but it was Gary's first time on a seadoo and I only took pictures of him getting a ride on Dan's seadoo not of him taking one out on his own. Sorry honey! We had a good day with all of them.

This week we potentially picked up a couple of web jobs, so that'll keep us busy for awhile with a little extra money coming in. Gary had a couple of interviews that went well and has a few follow ups to make with other interviews today. We'll see if anything comes out of them! I've been on a roller coaster with trying to get my new medication filled, heparin shots, with anyone. What a nightmare dealing with the insurance company and seeing if anyone in town will fill it. We finally have the hospital downtown able to fill it. Good thing this prescription is only for about 6 weeks.

I was able to get a couple fish painted in the baby's room this week. Turtle and frog left. The baby is doing well, moving constantly and getting bigger every day. Next appointment is this coming Tuesday. Then I think one more in 2 weeks, then we're on to the weekly schedule. I can't believe the time is almost here! Our birthing class is on the 8th, our first shower is on the 22nd and then after that we'll be waiting for the big day to arrive! Crazy.

I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to a nice long weekend. I know I am. :)

Until next week!


Gary & Christie

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katie said...

hard to believe its been so long.

hope everything's going well! the room looks great.