Wednesday, August 1, 2007

11 Weeks Left!

Last week Tuesday I took the infamous glucose test, drinking a liquid that tasted like flat orange pop with a cup of added sugar. From this test they can see if my blood sugar is too high. This was the case for me. I was at 151 which is slightly over their 140 cut off point. Needless to say, I was a little upset about the prospect of having gestational diabetes, changing my diet and poking myself more. So then I had to schedule the 3 hour glucose tolerance test at the hospital. I did that yesterday. For this test, I had to fast for 8+ hours. They drew blood right when I got there, then I drank an even sweeter version of the glucola, tested my blood again in a half hour, then in another half hour after then, then another 2 times every hour for a total of 5 times. This is so they can see if it my blood sugar peaks and goes back down to see if I really do have gestational diabetes. I probably will find out the results today. If I do, it's not the end of the world to do these things for the next couple months, but it's not something I'm looking forward to either.

The baby is moving all the time, rolling, poking, even doing some weird shakes like Gary does when he stretches. I don't really have a reason, but I feel like this is a boy. I did have a dream the other night that I went into labor and we had a boy. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it's a girl, but I feel like we're bringing a little guy into the world. Either way, as long as it's healthy, I'm excited! It's about 2 1/2 pounds now, 14-15 inches or so and gaining about a half pound a week. It's still crazy what I'm doing here, that God has made our bodies capable to sustain another life and how each element of their bodies develop throughout the 9 months. Amazing.

The baby's room is coming along slowly but surely and very cute. That's the way I planned it, not to stress out too much about it. I have the sky in and the first layer of the clouds. I'm planning on working on it awhile each night. Tonight I'll add some dimension to the clouds and finish out the week getting the butterflies and bird in, maybe some more elements, but we'll see how far I get.

I'm feeling good, getting a little bigger each week. Work is going well, keeping busy there. Gary's job is going well, still on the hunt for a permanent position, but has had/will have some interviews. We know God will provide the right job for him, we just have to be patient. We've also been getting some new side work coming in and we've started to plan out our next phase with our own side businesses. Exciting stuff! We also were able to be apart of Ryan and Angela's wedding this past weekend in Wisconsin. It was a lot of fun to see all the planning and preparation come together! It's cool to have Angela officially apart of the family as the step-sister-in-law! Congrats you guys!

Keep us in your prayers in regards to the test results for me, for Gary's job prospects and that the baby continues to grow healthy.

Stay tuned!
Gary and Christie

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