Monday, August 6, 2007

The results are in...

I finally got a hold of my nurse (she was out last week) and asked her about my 3 hour glucose test from last Tuesday. She said my numbers were great, better than what they look for! So now I can breathe a sigh of relief (and I had a celebritory Snickers). Thank you for the prayers, they were greatly appreciated. Next on the prayer list, getting through the last 10 weeks and that all continues to go well and that we can establish a permanent job for Gary. He's looking hard and takes comfort in knowing that GFS has a place for him for quite awhile yet. We both know God will provide the right job for him at the right time, it's all just matter of His time.

Next appointment is tomorrow, regular routine I'd imagine. We're starting to set up the baby shower for the one before the baby comes in Chicago. We're having another one with Gary's side after the baby comes. We have just about everything registered for at Babies R Us and the other things we need, have been accounted for. It's crazy that it's this close. I'm still nervous, but getting excited to meet this little baby. It's going to be awesome.

Until next time!
Gary & Christie

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