Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's getting closer....

Time is going by a little quicker now. I had my 34 week appointment on Tuesday. Everything looked and sounded good, but I was measuring at about 38 weeks instead of 34 weeks. I had been measuring about 2cm bigger than I should the last month or so, but that could be the baby's position, me or it's just going to be a big baby. So they scheduled me for an Ultrasound to take measurements of the baby on Thursday. The technician said by the machine that everything seemed to be aligned with my due date, so we'll see what the doctor says on Monday about the actual results. In the meantime, we did get to see the baby again. It doesn't all fit in one picture anymore but we got a few more cute shots of the baby. No, we still didn't find out what it was. :) It is about 5 pounds 6 ounces or so, should be around 17" in length. Heartbeat was a good 142 (too close to the 140 mark to think it's a boy or a girl).

Today, we took our all day "New Parents Birthing Class" at Zeeland Hospital. We are much more informed as to the stages of labor, different types of births, breathing techniques and a lot more. I feel more prepared now and feel that whatever I have to do, I can do it. We took a tour of the birthing center. It's a beautiful new hospital and each person gets their own birthing suite. You can comfortably fit 25 people in the room standing up and still have room around the bed (don't get any ideas people, Gary only until after the baby is here). It's very quiet and not terribly busy, only about 2-3 births a day they average. So it was a good experience today, seemed like it would be a long day, but it went by quickly.

The baby's room is about 85% done. We have the flower/rock garden, cattails and verse to put up yet and then we can clear coat the room. The crib should be here, if it's not already, soon and we're anxious to put it up. I'm ready to fill the room up with the baby's stuff and prepare it for what's left to get.

We spent Labor Day weekend with family and friends. Saturday, Gary, Alex and I went up to Silver Lake to spend the day with our aunt and uncle at the dunes. Alex and Gary even pulled up the dune so I could hang out with the rest of them. This was the first time I swam all summer too, that was nice. Sunday we had Gary's family over for dinner. Monday we went to our friends Joe and Diane's parents house on Fremont Lake for the afternoon/evening. We mostly relaxed, ate and took a boat ride. It was a busy, but nice weekend.

Gary's work at GFS is going well. He's able to stay there until the end of October if need be. He's still actively looking for a job, doing follow ups with other interviews and patiently waiting to see where God wants him. We know he has a plan for us, we just have to be patient. My work is going fine, just preparing the office and staff with much needed organization before I head out for awhile. It'll be interesting there, but they'll manage. :) We're working on a few side work projects, so that keeps us busy.

Otherwise, we're into the full swing of baby season as Kathi is due tomorrow. A couple other high school friends are due in a couple weeks, then it's on to my roommate, an old friend and myself in October. It's fun to think that we're all going to have kids the same age. My Chicago shower is on the 22nd. That should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Just keep us in your prayers as we get into the last month of the pregnancy, that the right job for Gary will come through and that everyone else has a good rest of the pregnancy and delivery.

I'll put an update up after I hear back from the doctor on the Ultrasound. Baby Tidd could make it's way here a little earlier or as a plump little thing!

Love to you all,

Gary & Christie

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i SiN said...

I had a dream that the little girl/guy made her/his way into the world on the 4th of October =)