Thursday, August 2, 2007

A little eye candy for you.... Dana.... :)

A plethera of pictures from the last few days for your enjoyment! To see them larger, click on them (sorry for the upclose and personal pictures of people, hehe).

The tallest flag pole is in Sheboygan, WI. The flag, measuring 30 feet high by 60 feet long atop a 150 foot pole, was raised by ACUITY as a statement of gratitude for the service and sacrifice of those who have protected America’s freedom. The flag itself is 90 pounds with stars standing 5 foot tall! It was really cool to see.

Not too shabby of a picture of the Chicago skyline from inside the car.

Aww... the happy couple - Ryan & Angela

This type of picture has become Gary's signature picture. You gotta watch him with a camera!

Another nice shot by Gary - this is at Angela's parents house in their backyard.

A pretty good Tiemens family shot - dad always has to be talking in pictures!

A favorite past time of Alex and Nicole's -slacklining - the eager youngin's looking on in amazement.

The next phase of the baby's room. I have the sky and the clouds in all around the room. Next phase is the critters, pond and willow tree. For me not ever really doing this, it's turning out really good (sorry to pat myself on the back...hehe)!


Dana said... cool! I can't believe you are doing this all freehand. You would laugh so hard if I tried this. It would look like a blob of paint. : ) I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for humoring me with the pics. The wedding looks fun too - by the way. :) I hope your glucose test results come back ok. I'll be praying for you!

kara said...

Christie! the babies' room looks great! You were up in my neck of the woods for the wedding! I was actually in Cedar Grove that weekend (which is nearby Sheboygan). Crazy! What's crazy is that Ryan is married!!! :) How did your glucose test go? Hope all is well! --Kara