Thursday, August 16, 2007

Past a quarter century

Well seeing as I'm the one that writes the blog, that I have the right to say..... It's my birthday! :) I'm now in the 26-30 age bracket for surveys, I'm older than an antique and I'm at the boring age of 26. Nothing really happens in the next few years, you just inch closer to 30. :) But it's all good.

I got a beautiful Willow Tree figurine Cherish from Gary. It's the lady with the big pregnant belly. Love it. My friend Jenn took me out to Applebees for lunch. And tonight Gary and I are going to spend the evening in Grand Haven. It's been a nice day so far.

So... Happy 26th Birthday to me! :)


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i SiN said...

In the words of Kyndra "HAAAP-e-Day!"

8 more weeks, christie, 8 more weeks. Wooo..