Saturday, October 27, 2007

Keeping busy

Everything is going well at the Tidd household. Anna certainly takes up a lot of the day, so we're establishing a new normal around here. Dad and Martha just spent 4 days with us, helping us tremendously with yard work, window washing, putting up blinds, wash, organizing the crazy amount of Anna's clothes, preparing meals for us and just being grandma and grandpa to Anna. It was great to have them here. I know they miss her already!

She had her first doctor's appointment Friday. She lost 8 ounces in the hospital, but has gained an ounce back. So she's a whoping 6 pounds 2 ounces. She grew a half inch and everything else looks good. She was a little jaundice when we came home, but she's looking a lot better now and will be looked at again on Friday. Her umbilical cord came off on Thursday, no more worries about that. She's pooping with the best of them (yes, this is our excitement now as I was getting worried b/c she didn't poop for 3 days, but we're totally over that). She can sleep for 6 hours at a time if we let her and will let us sleep about 4-5 hours at a time at night. She's really good tempered. I know all this could change, but she's been a really good baby for us.

Gary is starting his new internship position at GFS on Monday. This could be temporary as he's had 2 interviews with Calvin College and they've already been checking references. We're very hopeful that Gary will get this position at Calvin, but we're being patient and letting God do the work.

I'm feeling pretty good. I think I've recooped fairly well, still quite sore of course, but doing well. Don't hate me, but I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight (could be under that actually) and can fit back into some of my regular jeans. It's nice. :)

Otherwise we're doing well. Family and friends have been poking their heads in, we're keeping busy running errands, doing stuff around the house and just spending time with Anna. She truely is a blessing and it's so much more than we thought it would be.

Here are some more pictures for you! Enjoy.


Gary, Christie and Anna

Monday, October 22, 2007


Uploading pictures on here takes a long time, so here is a link to see the latest pictures of Anna. I promise these have pictures where you can actually see her! I'll post more later, but I'm off to bed. Enjoy!

Gary, Christie and Anna

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's a beautiful baby girl!

I know, no apologizes necessary, but I am sorry I haven't gotten on here yet to post. :) After only 8 hours of being induced, an epidural not really working at all and just over an hour of pushing, Anna Lynn Tidd was born at 1:23pm on Thursday, October 18! She was 6 pounds 9 ounces, 19 inches long, born with a little bit of strawberry blondish hair and the biggest wide curious eyes. She is the most beautiful little girl you've ever seen.

We're reaching almost 2 days old now. She's feeding pretty good now, only lost about 8 ounces and is a pretty happy baby for the most part so far. :) I know that could change, but I can be happy about that right now.

She's met a lot of people already, great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, 2nd cousins, pseudo aunts and lots of friends. There are a lot more to meet, but I think she's up to the challenge.

We're heading home today. We've had an amazing experience at the hospital. All the nurses have been so helpful and wonderful to work with. They answered all of our questions, taken minutes to hours to work with us with different things and we feel that much better going home with the knowledge they gave us. The doctors have been great and the hospital is so nice (my own room and the same room from start to finish).

I'll write more later and upload pictures. :)

Love to you all!

Gary, Christie & Anna

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One shot left!

It looks like Baby Tidd (Tiddbit, Tiddlet, Gary/Anna) is going to be stubborn and make him/her come out. The doctor checked me out again today and I'm a good 2cm dilated but could be stretched to 3cm (sorry guys, had to explain) and I've thinned out good. So she said I'm in good shape to be induced. I'll be going in to the hospital at 6am to start on potosin (sp?) and then around lunch my doctor will come in and break my water. I'm guessing I'll have the baby in the evening/early morning, hopefully earlier. Just a guess though since I'm new to all this. :) I have one heparin shot left for the morning and I'm done with these darn shots until the next baby. Thank goodness! That's one thing I won't miss for sure, on top of peeing every 20 minutes, getting up to pee 2-3 times a night, and not being able to roll over or get up very easy. Don't get me wrong, this has been a really good pregnancy despite, but I'm ready to be done with this stuff for awhile and ready to be mommy and daddy. :)

Everything seems to be set at the house. Everything is clean, clothes washed, put away and ironed, did a little baking (haha), baby's room set up and stocked and have just been enjoying these last few days at home to relax. Off topic, today I've realized that as much as I like Rachael Ray's cooking show, her talk show drives me crazy and I turned it off.

Gary got an email today about the extended internship at GFS and they've extended it for 90 days in another division. So whether that turns into a full time job, we're not sure yet. We're still waiting to hear from Gentex and then he got a call yesterday for an interview at Calvin College. So who knows, we just know God keep providing for us little bits at a time and we'll take it. :) My work has been gracious enough to let me work on some things from home and continue my pay for my whole maternity leave. What a blessing that is.

Well, this could be the last post until we bring home the baby! Crazy, scary, exciting and thrilled to pieces for sure. :) Don't worry, we'll post the news as soon as possible!

Love to you all, thank you for your continued prayers and we're looking forward to sharing this new blessing with all of you!

Gary & Christie

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Deadline: October 18

Baby Tidd will make his/her appearance no later than October 18. If I don't have the baby before then, I'll be going in that morning to be induced. The doctor said there's really no reason to induce early, but no reason to let it go much past my due date. I'm about 2cm dilated and still somewhat thick. The baby's heartbeat was in the 140's as usual, Gary got to hear it for the first time as he came with me to this appointment. The doctor said she doesn't really believe in babies dropping, but I might have dropped a little b/c I measured a little smaller than I had been. Otherwise things look good and ready to roll.

It's crazy to think next week we'll have a baby in the house! That the baby's room will be frequented so much more, dirty diapers, little clothes in the wash and just having this little baby be a part of all we do. We're ready!

I'm done with work on Friday so I can get a little extra rest and get rid of this cold/cough. So until then, we'll try to get in contact with most of you when everything goes down otherwise you'll hear from someone I'm sure. :)

Gary & Christie

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


still not here yet. :) I'm sure most of you would be disappointed to find out we had the baby on my blog. I'm at week 39 today, 1 week to D-day (or less I hope)! I went to the doctor last week, everything looked good, measured at 39 weeks, heartbeat was good, no strep throat. I got what Gary had the last couple weeks with the cough/cold/gunky eyes on top of having to get up to go to the bathroom 3 times at night and not being able to get comfortable. So needless to say, I'm ready. My friend just sent this to me in regards to being sick while pregnant "God gives us the last month of pregnancy so that we won't be scared about labor anymore, just relieved to not be pregnant!!" I hear ya!

I have another appointment today to see if I'm dialated more, if I need to be induced or if it's going to happen when it happens. This could be my last appointment and soon we could be bringing home the baby! Gary and I sit in the baby's room (it's completely done, furniture and all!) or lay in bed and can't believe we're going to have a baby in the house, our baby! Despite the shots and this cold thing I have, this pregnancy has been fairly boring and I'm thankful for that.

God has also provided Gary an extension for his internship at GFS in another division. He applied for a job there, but without the 1-2 years experience they wanted, they couldn't bring him on as a full time employee, yet. This doesn't have an end date and in May if he hasn't found anything else, he could very well be hired in as a full time employee. We're still waiting to hear back from Gentex this week, so God might have opened this door at GFS b/c Gentex doesn't work out or it just gave us relief a little early to take this position. Stay posted for that! My work comes in everyday to see if I'm here yet and I still am. I'm pretty much going to work until the doctor tells me I can't or I'm not feeling well enough and need extra rest before the big day. That day may be sometime this week. :)

Otherwise, we're just patiently waiting for this baby to want to come out and play as Gary keeps telling it. :) So cute. I'll add pictures to this tonight perhaps, of the room mostly. Stay tuned, this could be the last post without having a name!

Gary & Christie

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The home stretch

Here we are at week 38. Gary calls me a ticking time bomb, which I guess I am. :) I'm still working and probably will work until the baby comes or until October 12. I've been feeling a little lightheaded the last few days, so I took today to just relax and get some extra sleep at home. Not sure why I feel this way, but the nurse didn't seem too concerned when I called and from what I've read, it happens. I see my doctor again on Thursday, so I'll talk to her about it then as well.

The room is all finished! Alex came over on Saturday and clear coated the room for us. That was so helpful! We also got the crib put together and it looks awesome! We have a few more things to get this week, but we're just about as ready as we can be.

My work threw me a shower on Friday and got a lot more of the things we needed yet. We got a swing, monitors, play mat for the floor, books and a cool diaper cake. They are so generous and have been really cool about the whole pregnancy with me having to go to doctor's appointments. It's been a blessing.

We're doing well otherwise. We're still waiting patiently on the job situation for Gary. We know the right thing will happen and come when it needs to happen. Other than that, we're just waiting for Baby Tidd to let me know when it's ready to come into the world! Keep praying for us as we're nearing the end of the pregnancy and as we continue to look for a job for Gary.

With that, I'll leave you with pictures as I haven't done many lately.

Love to you all!

Gary & Christie