Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Getting closer.... 8 weeks left

Only a couple short months left now. We're getting excited and more anxious to meet this little person. Had my doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is looking good. The baby is the ready position with it's head hitting my bladder all day long and kicking me in the ribs and rolling all over. Heartbeat is good, my weight is good, we're going to switch over to Heprin shots after my last 12 shots of Lovenox are finished. These are a lot cheaper but I have to do 2 shots a day instead of one. Not looking forward to that, but oh well I guess. Next appointment is in 2 weeks again.
The baby's room is coming along really well, I'd say I'm about 75% done. I'm excited to have it become the baby's room instead of my painting room. :)

We received from a friend of my mother in law a whole container full of neutral newborn to 9 month old clothes, newborn diapers, a take a long swing, craddle type thing and a bouncer. It was like Christmas and it was definitely appreciated! I can't believe we're going to have something that small to fit into the little diapers and little clothes.

For my birthday last week, Gary and I headed to Grand Haven for the evening. We sat on the lawn by the channel, people watched, had some dinner and ice cream, walked the shops and just enjoying being together and getting away from the house for awhile. It was a really nice birthday. Speaking of birthdays, today would have been my mom's 48th birthday. Crazy how much time has passed from 5 years ago. So tonight I added a little parmesan cheese to my spaghetti in honor of her (she always loaded her's with it and I don't usually put any on). Monday will be 5 years since she passed away.

Gary and I doing well at work. He's able to continue working as an intern till the end of October and meanwhile we're hoping to find a permanent job somewhere. He's had 2 really good interviews and will have another on Monday. We know God has a plan for us, we just need to be patient. Work is fine for me, nothing much to report there.

Otherwise we're looking forward to spending the weekend with Grandpa Tiemens and visiting with Uncle Ron and Auntie Pat at the lake.

Have a great rest of the week!

Gary & Christie

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