Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's a......

not sure because we didn't find out what we're having. After going back and forth for months now, we decided to wait to find out. We wanted the element of surprise. We had our Ultrasound on Tuesday at Zeeland Hospital. After drinking way more fluids than my body should have had, we had an amazing time watching the Ultrasound. Gary was able to come with me, so he got to see it all with me. We saw it's legs and arms, it's spine, it's little belly, it's heart beating at a strong 164 (which I'm told and have read, that it means it's a boy, hehe), and it's face and skull. You could see the areas where the eyes are, it's mouth was open for a bit, and it's little arm were crossing over it's chest and face while she was trying to get a good picture of the face for us. So cool. It measured at 19 weeks, 4 days, which is right on the mark. It's also 11 ounces at this point, about 7.5" long. She took measurements of the head, brain tissue, spine, bones in it's legs and arms. From there, the radiologist will go over all the images she took and report back to my doctor with any concerns. All in all, it was a great experience and we're looking forward to seeing it grow more and finally come into this world!

Otherwise, we're getting settled more so in the house. Just about everything is put away, gone through, put up or stowed away for a later clean sweep. It's great having our own home, but a lot of work at the same time with all those little things you need to run and get that you never needed before. Oh well, I'll take it. :) Work is slowing down a bit for me right now which is very much welcomed. Gary is still going strong at GFS and enjoying it. The summer always brings on a lot of things going on, but we're looking forward to all the festivities (at least I am for the most part).

Next appointment is June 19. I don't look very pregnant yet, but I am 20 weeks now. The baby has found my bladder as of this week and I definitely feel it moving around more so each day.

We hope this finds everyone well rest after the long weekend and looking forward to another one. :) Enjoy the pictures!


Gary & Christie

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