Thursday, May 10, 2007

Moving right along

Well, we're all moved in, not unpacked completely, but we're in. We're taking it slow, not over doing it for my sake and for Gary's sanity. Hehe. The basement is set up very nicely (thanks Dad for the carpet!) and feels like another room we can live in, instead of a drabby basement. The living room, kitchen and our room are pretty close to being done. We got our mailbox in the other day, so hopefully the mailman will start bringing our mail! The rest of the house is still somewhat in boxes and disarray, but we're getting there. It's quite surreal sometimes, that we own a home, a yard, a garage to park both our vehicles. We love it!

We're also figuring out a new routine now that Gary's working full time (sharing bathroom, showers, breakfast, making lunches, etc.). It's coming along pretty well I think. Gary's job is going well so far. He's learning a new programming language, learning the routine, meeting new people and is finally up when I get up in the morning! Love that.

I had another doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Because the week before I had anxiety due to moving, getting into the busy time at work and everything else, the first time the nurse took my blood pressure, it was up. This was only because I was talking fast explaining the week before's anxiety garbage. So that boosted it up. She had me lay on my side for a few minutes to calm down, the doctor took it and it was fine. Then at the end of the appointment, the nurse took it again and it was fine as well. Ugh. They still want to see me again in 2 weeks to make sure I'm alright. So now I'm concentrating on not letting my anxiety get the best of me so I don't have to worry about high blood pressure. Otherwise, she found the baby's heartbeat right away and sounded good. I'm not really showing too much yet. I can tell and can feel where the large onion size baby's hanging out, but as for a little basketball stomach... not yet. :)

The next appointment is the big one, the first real Ultrasound! That's in 3 weeks on Tuesday, May 29. Gary's able to go with me too. We saw the baby when it was just a little alien looking thing. Now it'll be quite a bit bigger. And we get a picture (get ready to fill the brag books with a new picture, family.)! So that's exciting.

Otherwise, we're doing well. Getting settled, getting into a new routine, working, etc. We'll be heading to Chicago this weekend for Mother's Day (and a bit more exciting time for Dad, clean out the garage of Christie's stuff she's had there for years weekend). Hehe.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day to the new mothers and all mothers!

Love to you all,
Gary & Christie

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