Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ready for the long weekend!

I had my follow up appointment on Tuesday for my blood pressure. After an up and down weekend with getting rid of my anxiety and with some extra help of talking to someone, my blood pressure looked fine. Whew. My weight is good, the baby's heartbeat is at 140, which is perfect, and we're all set up for my ultrasound on Tuesday. I feel much better now. I couldn't ask for a better staff at my doctor's office. They are so caring and easy to talk to.

I'm now working on slowing things down a bit, stop and smell the roses if you will. I have a built in go go go machine and I have to take the batteries out once in awhile.

We are still getting settled in at the house. Most of the boxes are unpacked, the stuff now resides in my "organized piles" as some dear family members like to tease me about. With the long weekend ahead, we can get some more of it put away. We're about 80% done with the garage. We have shelves put up, hooks in the wall holding up our tools and other lawn equipment and we also made a garden center for me to plant up pots and keep all the gardening stuff together. It turned out pretty nice! I'll post pictures this weekend. This summer's projects will be a little gardening, coming up with a mural for the upstairs bathroom aka kids bathroom full of frogs and water like things, getting stuff ready for the baby and if we feel up to it, the downstairs bathroom. We have to look somewhat put together as we are hosting Gary and Sheila's graduation party in June.

Gary's work is going well. Learning new things all the time and is getting to know his co-workers pretty well. He's also finding out about the perks of working for a big company, as we are going to a Whitecaps game Monday night and next Saturday night, get %10 at any GFS and other little perks for him at work. Pretty cool, we'll take it. :) Work is really busy for me right now as it is trade show time. We have bout 3 more days of busyness and we'll have a repreve for a few weeks. But it's going well.

That's about all for right now. The baby is as long as a small zucchini now and is about 8.5 ounces. It's getting a lot bigger and I think I felt those little butterfly flutters everyone is taking about. :) I'm feeling good and looking forward to the summer!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Gary & Christie

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