Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bug

Anna (3 months, almost 4) and Mason (6 months)A few photos after we started feeling better today!

Took a little morning nap with mom and dad before we headed to the doctor's
My favorite one from today!

Well we got it. The Bug. The Flu Bug that is. What all started out to be what we thought was a reaction to regular formula for a couple of days turned out to the be the flu for both Anna and I. It all started Friday when we picked her up from day care and we were informed that she spit up half her 2nd bottle and refused her 3rd. I thought, ok, it's the formula and I rushed home to get the soy again. I fed her some of the bottle as she "gagged" on the last couple ounces. I set her in her swing to eat and out came about 2 bottles worth. Scary for me. Soon after I stripped her down and she was smiling from ear to ear. Saturday morning was good, Saturday afternoon she threw up about half as much as the night before. Then I fell victim to the flu and knew it wasn't the formula. Sunday we all lounged around the house all day not feeling too great, nothing came out of Anna and I. Monday I stayed home still not feeling well and not wanting to be the mom who brought the sickness in, kept Anna home too. She threw up again. Fine afterwards. At this point we called the nurse and said to give her Pedialyte. We took it as give her that with the formula. Tuesday Gary stayed home with Anna and she threw up again. Called the nurse again and found out we were supposed to just give her Pedialyte. Had a doctor's appointment scheduled for today. Which brings us to now. I stayed home today due to the horrible West Michigan weather (it dropped 30 degrees in under 12 hours - going from rain on my way home yesterday to 1-4 inches of snow today with high winds!). We got her to the doctor, said she looked good. She didn't have a fever, breathing sounded good and were instructed to continue her on Pedialyte for the rest of today and start back on formula tomorrow. Whew. What a long long weekend it's been learning how to care for a sick baby for the first time! Now I know and we'll be more calm and know just what to do. :)

With that said, Anna now weighs a whopping..... 9 pounds 15 ounces! We almost have a 10 pounder on our hands. :) Hehe. Still a peanut but getting cuter with her smiles, talking and still trying to giggle again. She loves to try and sit up when you have her a semi-upright position, loves to stand when you grab her fingers and she'll stay there for quite awhile! She's moving onto 3 month old clothes when she's almost 16 weeks old! Hehe. I guess it's nice to not have to guess what size she it, she's the one of few babys that are actually wearing her size.

I'm feeling better for the most part, a few side effects of the flu still working there way out. Gary came out of it unscathed - he filled the part of caring daddy and wonderful husband as usual. :) We're still in car limbo. Ugh. Patience is a virtue. We're shovling our way out of drifting snow and going to work each day.

For anyone who is interested in coming, Anna's baptism is on March 2 at our church, Fairhaven Ministries in Hudsonville, MI. It'll be at the 10:45 service and we'll have a lunch/cake and coffee thing afterwards at our house. More details to come. Let me know if you'd like to come and we'll see where you can fit in if you come for the whole weekend.

Enjoy the few pictures I took since we got sick.


Gary, Christie and Pookie

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Holwerda Family said...

woohoo, 10 lbs! =) I am so glad to hear she is feeling better. that's gotta be so rough on the little baby's (and momma's). they never know what is happening to them and why they feel so yicky... awww.