Saturday, February 16, 2008

The New Bug

Yet another Anna inspired gizmo. A walker that a bit to big for her little body, but she'll be cruising in no time! When Anna is naps at home, she enjoys being surrounded by her blanket. She pulls it until is in just the right place for her to nestle her head.
Mommy couldn't resist the adorable hat and jean jacket.
Anna just loves these shots. :) Ha!
Now dad, this is how it's going to be. Hehe. Anna telling dad that she rules the roost.
We thought we kicked the bug out, but instead a new cold and cough bug came for a visit and is still residing in our house. We got through the flu (Anna and I) and then we both started coughing and had a stuffy nose. Fortunetly I can take something to help it and I know how to blow my nose, but Anna is a different story. Attack of the blue bulb to get the boogies out has become a hated event by Anna. On top of that, we worked some nose drops in there to thin it out and more frequent burping to keep it all down. She wailed and probably thought we were the meanest parents ever, but soon after she realized we're ok. So I'm feeling better, about 85% and Anna is slowly getting better. Her cough has lessoned and we're constantly sucking out the boogies. She still sleeps through the night and takes good naps during the day most of the time. We've also bumped her up to a 6oz bottle as she got so mad for awhile there when her bottle was empty. We'll talk with the doctor at the end of the month to discuss rice cereal!

She is plumping up now, complete with dimples on her elbows and knees and her thighs are chubbin up! So cute. She smiles/flirts all the time. And we finally got her to laugh more than once, in fact, she did it for about 10 minutes straight! It's so darn cute! She does it best when daddy is holding her and I come up to her and say boo, she giggles away! Although we did find out that she got her "scared" feeling. Gary and I were playing with her about a week ago, doing boo to her, and one time we triggered it. She looked startled and started to ball! It was sad but kind of funny to see such a reaction.

She's truely coming in to her own person. Gary and I often talk about what she might be like when she gets older. What personality will she have, what her hair will look like when she gets rid of her mullet, all the things she'll say. I don't want this time to go by so fast but in the same right I'm curious and excited to see what kind of person she'll be.

We're out of car limbo! We got our grey Taurus last week (complete with remote starter). It's nice to have our own cars again. We're slightly contemplating a mini-van, but I really don't want one. We'll see, no 2nd child yet. :) Our jobs are going well, keeping us busy. We have baptism class this Sunday and on March 2 is Anna's baptism. It's exciting, another milestone for her and for us. Then the following weekend, Gary's off to DC for a few days for work. A conference this time. Should be cool.

Well hopefully we don't get dumped on this weekend, but good old West Michigan and that darn lake effect snow might get us again. Yay. Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Gary, Christie and the Giggle Butt

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Anonymous said...

i think she's pointing out to gary that the coyboy's stunk it up this year and that he might want to think about picking a better team if she wants to stay in his good graces. :)

Ryan Schaap