Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Drool Monster

Anna has now figured out how to saturate her clothes before we even start the day! She has taken on drooling as a favorite pastime. Along with that, she is growing out of newborn clothes. They are becoming too short in the torso and arms, so we're packing them up after she wears them one last time. Kind of sad as her "coming home" outfit is wrapping up it's life until the next girl. Oh well, on to the next batch of cute clothes!

Not only is she getting bigger, but she's getting smarter! No bias opinion there. :) If she's laying down and you hold on to her finger, she tries to pull herself up to sit. From there, she really enjoys standing up. She holds her weight for quite some time. She may be a walker before she crawls. Oh dear. :)

She's also finding her fingers, but more so her thumb in a desperate need to suck on something, anything! We also think she's going to start to teeth soon. Instead of wanting to suck on our fingers, she wants to clamp down on our fingers, not the numerous teething rings she has, but just our fingers. When we do have her standing, she's much more interested in pulling our fingers to her mouth than working on the whole balance thing.

She's grabbing on to her "friends" on her play mat and pulling them (or trying to) to her mouth.She's sometimes is able to get Lulu the Ladybug to sing her the ABC's - only if she flings her limbs around enough. She's smiling all the time, still trying to get out more giggles. No more since last week. She's kicking around a lot in her bath tub, but still enjoying it and doesn't mind water in her eyes. I just tell her to blink it out. :) She's really turning on her little personality everyday. It's so much fun to see her grow and do new things each day. We really love this whole parenting thing (ask us about that in a couple years, hehe).

Here's the Gary and Christie report: Jobs going well, getting busier for both of us. Gary's trip to Norfolk was good, learned a lot and is still learning. I'm getting a few side jobs here and there, so that's a little extra money brought in. We're still in car limbo. Gary's driving the dying Taurus while I drive Gary's parents Sable as we await the new Taurus and finding out tonight that the truck has some more issues (Gary's dad is driving that). Stupid cars. The snow continues to fall and Gary continously digs us out. I'm trying to work out and eat better so I can beat my dad in a bet we have. Watch out dad, I got my new DDR mats tonight! Hehe. Otherwise, we're doing well and looking forward to the 40 degree weather we're supposed to have next week.
This is what Tuesday morning brought.

Hope all is well with everyone!


Gary, Christie & the Banana

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