Sunday, January 13, 2008

Giggles and Smiles

Sleeping Beauty

Check out my spikey hair!

Posing for American Baby

Big Yawn!
Anna and her friend Lola (who gives us the abundance of clothes)

More than enough bottles to feed Anna for days

Cuddle time with Anna

Save me! I'm tipping over!

Too cute

Anna has found her voice! On Friday night is when she really started the constant babble. After she's been fed and her diaper is dry, she really gets into talking and smiling. She'll let out coo here and there, but the time to really get her going is when the belly is full.

Her tummy time is longer now, as she tolerates our love to see her bobble her head around and eventually roll over. She holds her head up really well and doesn't seem to mind it. She's not napping as much as she once was, but she'll let us know when she needs to be rocked or cuddled to fall asleep. I think she's getting heavier, she feels like she is. Pooping is going well. Our pooping aid, the prune juice, makes an appearance every once in awhile and cleans the system out. :) Her newborn clothes fit well now and some are getting small. Some of her 3 month clothes fit like her newborns fit when she was born. I have close to 3 full large bins full of clothes that don't fit her yet. If I had that many clothes..... that would be amazing. :)

Gary's taking his first business trip as an employee of Calvin. He flew out today to Norfolk, VA for a week long class learning more about the programming language he is working with. He's doing this trip on his own, but the one he goes on for a few days in March, he'll be going with the whole department. Alex has graciously obliged to stay with me this week and just keep Anna and I company.

You know how the last time I posted, our deer population decreased by 1? Well the following week, we decided to decrease the Taurus population by 1. My beloved Taurus, at 183,000 miles, decided to break down more than we wanted to pay for. So we're in car limbo, waiting for the new Taurus to get finalized which we were going to use to replace the truck, but now we're replacing it with the old Taurus. Sigh. Such is the life of cars.

Back to work I go tomorrow, carpooling Anna to and from daycare. So enjoy the pics.


Gary, Christie and Anna

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