Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One shot left!

It looks like Baby Tidd (Tiddbit, Tiddlet, Gary/Anna) is going to be stubborn and make him/her come out. The doctor checked me out again today and I'm a good 2cm dilated but could be stretched to 3cm (sorry guys, had to explain) and I've thinned out good. So she said I'm in good shape to be induced. I'll be going in to the hospital at 6am to start on potosin (sp?) and then around lunch my doctor will come in and break my water. I'm guessing I'll have the baby in the evening/early morning, hopefully earlier. Just a guess though since I'm new to all this. :) I have one heparin shot left for the morning and I'm done with these darn shots until the next baby. Thank goodness! That's one thing I won't miss for sure, on top of peeing every 20 minutes, getting up to pee 2-3 times a night, and not being able to roll over or get up very easy. Don't get me wrong, this has been a really good pregnancy despite, but I'm ready to be done with this stuff for awhile and ready to be mommy and daddy. :)

Everything seems to be set at the house. Everything is clean, clothes washed, put away and ironed, did a little baking (haha), baby's room set up and stocked and have just been enjoying these last few days at home to relax. Off topic, today I've realized that as much as I like Rachael Ray's cooking show, her talk show drives me crazy and I turned it off.

Gary got an email today about the extended internship at GFS and they've extended it for 90 days in another division. So whether that turns into a full time job, we're not sure yet. We're still waiting to hear from Gentex and then he got a call yesterday for an interview at Calvin College. So who knows, we just know God keep providing for us little bits at a time and we'll take it. :) My work has been gracious enough to let me work on some things from home and continue my pay for my whole maternity leave. What a blessing that is.

Well, this could be the last post until we bring home the baby! Crazy, scary, exciting and thrilled to pieces for sure. :) Don't worry, we'll post the news as soon as possible!

Love to you all, thank you for your continued prayers and we're looking forward to sharing this new blessing with all of you!

Gary & Christie

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