Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Deadline: October 18

Baby Tidd will make his/her appearance no later than October 18. If I don't have the baby before then, I'll be going in that morning to be induced. The doctor said there's really no reason to induce early, but no reason to let it go much past my due date. I'm about 2cm dilated and still somewhat thick. The baby's heartbeat was in the 140's as usual, Gary got to hear it for the first time as he came with me to this appointment. The doctor said she doesn't really believe in babies dropping, but I might have dropped a little b/c I measured a little smaller than I had been. Otherwise things look good and ready to roll.

It's crazy to think next week we'll have a baby in the house! That the baby's room will be frequented so much more, dirty diapers, little clothes in the wash and just having this little baby be a part of all we do. We're ready!

I'm done with work on Friday so I can get a little extra rest and get rid of this cold/cough. So until then, we'll try to get in contact with most of you when everything goes down otherwise you'll hear from someone I'm sure. :)

Gary & Christie