Tuesday, October 9, 2007


still not here yet. :) I'm sure most of you would be disappointed to find out we had the baby on my blog. I'm at week 39 today, 1 week to D-day (or less I hope)! I went to the doctor last week, everything looked good, measured at 39 weeks, heartbeat was good, no strep throat. I got what Gary had the last couple weeks with the cough/cold/gunky eyes on top of having to get up to go to the bathroom 3 times at night and not being able to get comfortable. So needless to say, I'm ready. My friend just sent this to me in regards to being sick while pregnant "God gives us the last month of pregnancy so that we won't be scared about labor anymore, just relieved to not be pregnant!!" I hear ya!

I have another appointment today to see if I'm dialated more, if I need to be induced or if it's going to happen when it happens. This could be my last appointment and soon we could be bringing home the baby! Gary and I sit in the baby's room (it's completely done, furniture and all!) or lay in bed and can't believe we're going to have a baby in the house, our baby! Despite the shots and this cold thing I have, this pregnancy has been fairly boring and I'm thankful for that.

God has also provided Gary an extension for his internship at GFS in another division. He applied for a job there, but without the 1-2 years experience they wanted, they couldn't bring him on as a full time employee, yet. This doesn't have an end date and in May if he hasn't found anything else, he could very well be hired in as a full time employee. We're still waiting to hear back from Gentex this week, so God might have opened this door at GFS b/c Gentex doesn't work out or it just gave us relief a little early to take this position. Stay posted for that! My work comes in everyday to see if I'm here yet and I still am. I'm pretty much going to work until the doctor tells me I can't or I'm not feeling well enough and need extra rest before the big day. That day may be sometime this week. :)

Otherwise, we're just patiently waiting for this baby to want to come out and play as Gary keeps telling it. :) So cute. I'll add pictures to this tonight perhaps, of the room mostly. Stay tuned, this could be the last post without having a name!

Gary & Christie

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Dana said...

I can't wait either!!! Andrew & I are getting so excited to hear your news. We are praying for you all very often and love you very much! All these babies are making Andrew so excited to see ours too...which makes me happy. : ) Take good care! God will take care of all the unknowns.