Thursday, September 27, 2007

Less than 3 weeks to go!

It's been a long time and for that I'm sorry. Life is quite busy these days, well when isn't it? Last week Tuesday my appointment went well. I was measuring big the week before, hence the ultrasound, but last week I measured back at 37 weeks. I lost a little bit of weight or I ate too much before my last appointment, but she wasn't concerned about that. Everything else looked good, heartbeat was good.

Gary's Grandpa Tidd passed away on Saturday September 15. He was physically in good health for the most part, but hasn't wanted to be around for quite awhile. So everything finally caught up to him and he passed away peacefully in his sleep that night. So we were busy visiting out of town family and attending the viewing and funeral on Thursday and Friday.

Friday night after dinner and dessert with Gary's family, we headed out to Chicago for the weekend. Saturday morning was my baby shower with my side of the family. We had it at Blueberry Fields in the loft where we played a lovely game of guess the melted chocolate bar in the diaper. What a waste of good chocolate. Hehe. :) Then we had breakfast and opened gifts. We got a lot of great stuff to get us going for this new baby from a Diaper Genie, lots of bath stuff, blankets, books and so much more. It was great to see everyone again! I'm thankful for my step mom, sisters and aunts for putting it together for me, it meant a lot to me.

We also had to say goodbye to our pseudo grandparents, the DeYoungs. They've lived in the neighborhood and next door way before we moved there and they've been apart of our lives since 1988. So many memories with them and to not know if we'll see them again is sad. They moved to Virginia to be closer to their son as Mrs. DeYoung is dealing with alzheimers. We'll miss them!

We had a great time with all the siblings being home, playing bags, talking and just having a great time. I know Dad and Martha were happy to have us all there, but probably ready for us to all leave too. :) On Sunday, we had a big picture taken with my great grandma VanNoort and all her kids. We also had smaller family pictures taken too. It's crazy to think I'm the oldest of the great grandkids and we're going to have great grandma's first great great grandchild! We also got to visit Grandma and Grandpa Boss before heading out. This would be the last time we're in Chicago without a baby! That's what's crazy to me.

On Monday, I had my pre-registration at the hospital. That went well, got some free stuff, got paperwork filled out and everything for me and the baby to get there. With that, I met with the anthesiologist and with great joy I'd like to say I'm able to have an epideral. :) My dosage is low enough to where it won't matter when I've had my last shot. So he went through how it works and I'm signed up for that. :) Yay!

Today is my 37 week appointment. So all should go well there. I'll update the blog when I'm done at some point. I'm starting to get very slow, sore and my feet are swelling up now. It's been a really good pregnancy but now that I'm really feeling the aches and pains of it, I'm ready for it to be done.

Keep praying for us as we're nearing the end and that God will provide the proper employment for Gary. We are still patiently waiting for word on a few jobs that he's had a couple interviews with. Gentex said today that they are still interested in him and will get back to him with a final decision in the next week or 2. Patience. :) Until then, we continue to follow up, apply and interview until GFS is done. God has been good to us so far and we'll continue to feel that way. If Mr. Mom is the title, so be it. I think it's awesome and from there, we'll figure things out.

Well off to lunch as I'm starving!

Gary & Christie


i SiN said...

haha! a starving pregnant woman? noooo, not possible =)

Amanda Bol said...

Wow the time has gone fast. Good luck and enjoy such a wonderful gift from God. I will keep you in my prayers for a healthy delivery and for Gary finding a job. Epidurals are wonderful!!! Can't wait to see baby pictures!