Thursday, September 13, 2007

5 Weeks Left!

It's crazy when I think about when I started this blog back when it was snowing, Gary was still in school and we were still living at the apartment. Now we have 5 weeks left till this little person changes our lives forever. It's a completely welcomed change and one we've been waiting for for quite some time now.

Last week's ultrasound came back today (finally) and said everything looked good and still checked out for October 16. From now on, I'll have an appointment weekly until the baby arrives. Next one is Tuesday. I think next week we'll have to go in to do a pre-registration at the hospital so when I get there when the big day comes, we're ready to rock. I'll be meeting with that person and also with the anesthesiologist in regards to whether an epideral is an option and what other things we need to keep in mind. Hopefully I can, otherwise the baby will get here somehow, whether it's natural, c-section or I get completely knocked out. I'm open to whatever needs to be done, as long as we both come out healthy in the end.

The baby's room is still at the same point of needing flowers, some bees and a Bible verse. We get so busy that I can't seem to find the time to finish it up. I will have it done this weekend and Gary will clear coat it next week. :) That's my goal. Then we can put the crib together, start putting the baby stuff in there and we'll be that much closer! We also got our stroller/car seat set up. It's the Cadillac of stollers/car seat set ups we've been told. It only took us 40 minutes to put together (my dear father in law keeps adding time on as he was thoroughly entertained by Gary and I last Sunday). We'll get that fitted properly in the car before the baby comes. We also received yet another generous gift of clothes and bath time stuff from my mother in law's friend Carol. She's too good to us and we greatly appreciate it!

With anything in life, you go on a rollercoaster of emotions, feelings, doubts, and joys. We've been on that rollercoaster with Gary's job search. Just when we feel we've run out of options or feel like we've lost patience in the process, God brings us back up and provides more opportunity. Gary is currently on his 2nd round internview at Gentex (with only 1 left), has another interview at Zeeland Hospital tomorrow and had a few more replies on his applications. We're praying that something works out soon, but if it's not where God wants Gary, then we'll keep looking. Gary and the baby have a pact that it can't come until he gets a job. Hehe. It's so cute how he talks to it everyday. It might know daddy better than mommy when it gets here!

Otherwise we're doing good. Wednesday we went to a Whitecaps game with friends and family, visiting friends tonight, the races on Friday night with Grandpa Tiemens and a GVSU football game on Saturday night with Gary's family. Busy weekend, but fun! Then next weekend we'll be heading home for the shower, a big family picture and visiting with family as we haven't been home in awhile. On top of that, keeping up the house, getting things ready for the baby and just relaxing a bit.

Until Tuesday, have a great and cool weekend (pictures to come soon for this post)!
Gary & Christie

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