Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Another year has begun whether you wanted it to or not. I'm ready for a new year with new challenges and a growing family, along with new goals for the year. I am still with child, due on the 18th and could be induced on the 19th or before, depending on what the doctor says today and my ultrasound this week. As with Anna, I'm done being pregnant. The shots are fine up until I switch to twice a day. These hurt more, create a lot more bruising and hemotoma bumps so I run out of places to get a shot. There's a breaking point, at least for me, in a pregnancy where I'm ready to be me again. Don't get me wrong, the baby aspect of it all is beautiful and amazing and we're so excited to meet this little person, but the end of the pregnancy for me isn't fun.

Anna is doing well. She's still enhancing her little personality each day, some days are more trying than others, but I think she feeds off how our days go which compounds the tears and whining sometimes. She still amazes us with what she figures out, what she remembers and her capabilities. She's in the phase of not wanting to eat what we give her for dinner sometimes. She whips her head away if we bring something to her mouth or she plays with it and it ends up on the floor in her fury. She also knows where the snack cabinet is and even if we look at it, she runs up to it and goes "uh uh" with her hands up in the air so that we can fulfill her need of a cracker in each hand. We're working on teaching her that she can't have a snack anytime she wants. Oye. She says "yeah", "hi", "awww", "this", "da-dee", "dada", "mama" and what sounds like "pup-pee". She understands a lot more, but there's that selective hearing/understanding things she's really grasping on to. She likes to bop to music on occasion, read herself a story, lays with dad on the floor, hugs our legs and knows where everyones nose is when you ask her. The last few weeks we've told her where mommy's baby is and pointed to my tummy. She points sometimes. I point to her tummy and say Anna's baby (while daddy glares at me, hehe) and also where daddy's baby is (a bigger glare from daddy). She knows there's another fun room upstairs and loves to go in and point at all the animals. But otherwise, she's got something coming when the baby does get here. I'm sure it won't take long to want to help and love on the baby, but in the same right, she's a strong little girl who's figured out how to throw and hit too. Should be interesting to say the least!

Our holidays were wonderful, filled with lovely Michigan/Midwest weather, a lot of junk food that was over-indulged on and being surrounded by all those you love. We spent the weekend before Christmas doing our own family (ask Gary why, hehe) Christmas and also with Gary's parents and sister. Then Christmas Eve morning we headed to Chicago to spend Christmas and the most of the week with my family. It was great to see everyone and all be together! New Years was just Gary and I. We dropped Anna off at Grandma and Grandpas, did some shopping and went to a movie. We finished the night at the in-laws watching HGTV and the ball drop. A different New Years, but a nice slow paced one as well.

Gary is doing well. Fully recoved after toe surgery. He had a nice vacation over Christmas and New Years and is back in the swing of things (only to be interupted by baby coming). We're still in the midst of finishing the basement along with getting the baby's room ready and everything else that goes along with every day life. Oh yeah and we have a new addition to our ever growing family - a mini-van! We got a 2006 Silver Chrysler Town and Country Touring mini-van on the 30th. I didn't want it at all, thought I'd go down kicking and screaming, but practicality took over and will admit that I love it. Everything fits fine, it's easy to get Anna in and out, it drives really smooth and it's all automatic! So needless to say, I don't regret it. :)

With all that said, here are more pictures. Sorry I don't really put them in the post anymore, it takes so long! I'll try to be more dilegent about posting pictures and videos more again while on maternity leave.

The painting in the baby's room is done!

Snow Days!

Our Newest Addition (last picture in the bunch)

Happy Holidays from Michigan and Chicago!

Stay tuned for the news of #2! It's not far away. :)

Love to you all,

Gary, Christie and Anna

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Liz said...

Hey Christie. Love the pics of the baby room. Very special. You look tired,(i understand that, never liked being pregnant myself)yet you still look absolutely beautiful. (Wish I'd figured out that trick when I was pregnant) Hang in there. You are in the home stretch!