Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isabella Clara is Here!!!!

I am pretty sure that this is the only post I have ever made on the blog. Well there is a first time for everything. Christie needs to rest right now so I thought I would do the first post to let people know that Isabella is here!

I got home from work late last night because I had to make a trip to Baby's R Us to get another baby gate and a new baby monitor. When I got home Christie was having contractions. They were not that intense and they were coming at random intervals.

As the night progressed the intensity of the contractions increased and so did their consistency. By 10:00 PM she was having contractions roughly every 7 minutes and they were beginning to bother her enough where she thought we might need to head to the hospital.

We made it on the road by 10:30 PM and it was a good thing that we did. The weather was bad and the roads were very slick. It took us twice as long to get to the hospital as normal and by the time we were settled in our room, Christie was already at 7 cm.

Christie's epidural worked this time and she started to push at 2:28 AM and Isabella was here at 2:41 AM. I was amazed at how fast she pushed Isabella out, it was a record time, 13 minutes.

We just thank God for how His plan comes together! Despite the weather, all the key players made it to the hospital in time, the anesthesiologist got there in time to place in a working epidural and our God send of a doctor, Dr. Dawn DeWitt made it here safely to deliver Isabella.

The coolest thing for me was being able to deliver Isabella and lay her on Christie's tummy. I also got to cut the cord and take the pics right after she was born. It was surely a night to remember and proof once again to Gods everlasting promise and to His awesome plan and design! I feel like the luckiest man on Earth right now!

The link below gives a few photos to check out, I am sure Christie will post more later on, but this is a start anyway.

Isabella's Pics

Until later,

Gary, Christie, Anna & Isabella

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Auntie Pat said...

So happy everything went well and for the news!!! Can't wait to see you all!

(Great posting job, too, Gary ;-)