Sunday, March 2, 2008

What a beautiful day!

Mmm.... rice cereal, not too sure about it but it's wonderful to wear!

This is her new way to talk - looking slightly unsure and using her tongue.
Aww... so precious on daddy.
What a cute family. :)
The proud grandparents
What a beautiful day today was! It was sunny, warmer than it's been, together with family and friends to celebrate Anna's baptism. In our baptism class a couple weeks ago, Pastor Mical explained what the sacraments meant in a unique way. God gives us all a check with our names on it when we are baptised. Written out to us, with today's date, paid in full and signed by God. From there, we decide what we do with it. When we decide to profess our faith and understand what God has done for us through his Son, that's when the check is signed by you to cash in. Sometimes the check gets lost or torn up, but He always give us another one when we feel it's time for us to profess our faith.

It was also very special that Anna was able to wear my mom's baptism dress as she's named after her (Deanna Lynn) and wear the locket her great grandma and grandpa gave her. We were also surrounded and supported by our family and friends on such a special day!

On the other side of things, Anna had her 4 month shots on Thursday. She screamed something horrible when they did it, but a switch turns when she gets Tylenol and she's out. She did pretty well considering - she woke up at 4am that night, but went back to sleep when we gave her her pipe. The next day at daycare, she was running a fever but Grandpa Tidd saved the day and brought some Tylenol to her, gave him a quick smile and shortly there after took a 2 hour nap. Poor little girl. She's still stuffed up and on to coughing quite a bit. My guess is that it's draining into her throat and hopefully we can get over this sickness we can't seem to get over!
Saturday was another big day for Anna. She started on rice cereal. She wasn't quite sure of it at first, but after she realized it was ok, she wanted more. So for about a month we'll give her some twice a day and then start introducing veggies. We also found out that when she's in her walker, she loves to talk! After dad and Martha arrived, she carried on for about 15 minutes. It was really funny b/c she uses her tongue to do this kind of talking. She's really developing her own personality. She's now a hefty 11 pounds 14 ounces, 23.75" long and has a large melon (50th percentile). She's getting so big considering how small she was when she was born.

Gary and I are still doing well. Both of us are fighting different sicknesses still. Getting rather old, but we're managing. Saturday Gary heads off for a few days to Washington DC. Anna and I are going to hack out together for the couple work days Gary's gone. Work is certainly picking up for me and Gary is keeping busy as well. We're ready for this snow to be gone and we can get to spring.

Well off to bed to start another week!

Love to you all,

Gary, Christie and the Babbler


The Holwerda Family Gazett said...

The ceremony was very beautiful! I was so honored to have been given the chance to share such an important time with her and you guys, we only wish we could have made the celebration for her afterwards.

something that made me chuckle a little and you'll know why... Calling her head large hehe.

Katie said...

she looks SO cute eating rice cereal.
and her baptismal gown looked perfect on her!
miss you all.