Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring is in the air!

My goodness, it's been so long since we've seen the sun or the grass or heard the birds chirping. 40 degrees sure feels like summer from what our winter has been like. We even were able to get out on Friday night for a walk! She loved it, checking everything out, head held high.

Let's see, where did we leave off from last post? Gary has since gone and returned back from DC, I think with a bit more knowledge than when he left. Anna and I managed without him, but loved to have him back! Gary and I do a lot of things together and when he's gone I realized how much I do value all that he does. I don't want to say help b/c we do it together, but his portion of what we do, I appreciate him doing it. :)

Anna is starting her 3 week of rice cereal and we love it most of the time. She has even gone up to 2 Tbsp of cereal and usually eats most of it. This week and next of the cereal, then we can throw in veggies. On to multi-color surprises in the diaper! She is talking up a storm, sometimes with her tongue other times really finding her range of voice and noises. She especially likes talking to her hands - they are wonderful company. :) She has successfully figured out how to roll on her tummy, get hand she always got stuck - unstuck and somewhat enjoys it. She, of course, did that when daddy was out of town. So you leave her for 30 seconds on her back and you come back to her groaning on her tummy. She also enjoys sleeping on her tummy much to our nervous and paranoid first parents dismay. I know that she's now strong enough to get her head up and fall asleep or cry for us. But still. She can grab for things that are sitting in front of her and of course, eats them. Her new favorite toy as of today, Pink Peep Bunny from Grandma Carol.

She had her first (early) Easter with Grandma and Grandpa Tidd today and a special basket from "Grandma" Carol. She got socks, PJs, hats, headbands, toys, a book and shoes all in a pink purse and a oinky pig basket. Way too cute. She's the sparkle in all their eyes and they spoil her rotten. :)

I'm keeping quite busy at work now that our busy season has arrived due to trade shows and new advertising campaigns. Gary and I are also keeping busy with website jobs and me trying to work on my Etsy shop ( It's fun. We're also in the midst of my "declutter" resolution. We started going through the basement as it's becoming a bunker for all of our stuff. I'm letting go of things that I'm just holding onto for no good reason. I'm excited to get the house back into shape and get rid of all the stuff weighing us down. Gary is doing well at work - keeping busy there. We're always on the go, here there and everywhere, so we're trying to slow that down, but it doesn't always work. Sigh.

That's the low down on what's going on with the Tidd's. We're excited for spring, to get the yard all beautiful with new landscaping and flowers. To go to the beach, take walks and get outside! I hope everyone has a great week!

Here are a bunch of pictures to look at. I'll upload a few to the blog, but for now here's them all for the 5th month of Anna!

Love to you all!
Gary, Christie and Rolly Polly Anna

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