Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trying to get back to normal

How adorable!
Our new thing to sit in! I can't really touch the ground yet, but it definitely keeps me occupied.
How can you not love this face!
Mom and Dad!

She looks a little freightened, but it's still a darn cute picture. This is Anna's new friend, Ethan. He's only a month older than Anna. :)
My current favorite picture.
What's going on out there?
Just chillin' while mommy takes more pictures of me.

I think we managed to kick the sickness out of the house today. Gary finally got something yesterday, whether it was something he ate or the flu just getting him now, but lets just say he didn't make it home in time. :) I'm feeling just fine and Anna is just about over her cold. Her cough is gone, thank goodness!
She's giggling all the time now, half the time she laughs at the wall or herself and sometimes for us. It's great! She's seriously the happiest baby I've ever known. She smiles and flirts with anyone she passes by. She only really crys when she's hungry, wet or just wants to be left alone. She still sleeps through the night and going to be around 8:30 every night. She has come to fear when mom's hand comes in front of her face b/c it's suck the boogies out time. :) She'll thank me for it later. She takes everything in and hates to miss anything (not like mom at all....). Gary and I talked tonight about how did we ever live life without her? She's so amazing and her life has only just begun!

This weekend is a big weekend for us. Anna is being baptised on Sunday at our church. All the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends will be around. What an amazing thing it is that we can be a part of the family of God and what the sacrament of baptism is. We were able to take the baptism class last week and it was great to hear more in depth what it truely means.

We're starting to revamp my website and I'm starting to sell things on my newest addiction, Etsy. You can check out my items for sale at http://www.christabelle81.etsy.com/. Soon I'll have my new site up and it'll be linked to that site. I'm also partnering up with a good friend of mine and we're going to see what the two of us can do! So stay tuned for new sites and items to purchase!

We're sick of the snow and cold. Our jobs are going well. Cars still run. We're doing well. :)

Enjoy the pictures!


Christie, Gary and the Banana

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Katie said...

i can't believe how much her face is changing!
I miss her!!

Hope everything goes well at the baptism...sorry I can't make it.

love you guys. Kiss Anna for me.