Thursday, June 28, 2007

Four years ago...

Today marks 4 years since we took the plunge, walked down the aisle, started a new chapter or whatever you'd like to call it. Four years ago, Gary and I spent the day nervous, excited and ready to spend the rest of our lives together. It was a beautiful, somewhat warm June weekend back in SoHo. Family came in from out of town, vowing never to return to Chicago b/c that day just had to be the worst day for traffic and accidents in all the years I can remember. Either way, they were happy to arrive and start the festivities. Flowers were being delivered, hair and makeup being done, getting into our monkey suits as Gary called this morning and everyone trying to get to the church on time!

Gary and I did pictures before the ceremony, so we had our special moment together (mostly alone) right after lunch. It was the only time during the day that we would be alone and ourselves. It was amazing and a moment I'll never forget. From there we proceeded to get all the pictures in, gave hugs to family and friends and got in our positions.

I'd say the rest of the day was a blur, but it wasn't. It just went by really fast. We had amazing ceremony with all the sentimental meaning necessary needed for such a day, my mom's quilt representing her presence, flowers to honor those who've passed on. Friends and family filled the sanctuary witnessing our nuptuals and participating where their talents deemed fit. It was beautiful. On our way to the reception, we stopped by the cemetary to say hi to mom. I knew she was proud that day, I knew she was happy for Gary & I, I just wish she was able to know what an amazing man, husband and soon to be dad Gary is. Someday she will.

Our reception was so much fun! Good food, great company, delicious cake and lots of dancing! Our DJ was awesome, everyone was out there dancing all night long having a blast. We were able to catch up with friends that moved away, family we haven't seen in a long time and everyone in between.
I wouldn't change that day for anything.

So much has changed since that day, but so much has remained the same. I couldn't ask for a better marriage and never imagined it to be as amazing as it is.

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