Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time is ticking...

**This was a post from a couple weeks ago that I never posted, so sorry about the abrupt end. I'll post a new one tonight complete with pictures and videos.**

We're about 8 weeks away from #2 to make an appearance! Crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone. It's different this time b/c the anxiety of all these new things isn't there this time. I had my 32 week check up today. Baby's heartbeat is still in the 140's, measuring about 35 weeks but I had that with Anna. I would imagine this baby is a little bigger than Anna was, but who knows. It's definitely a mover! I thought Anna moved, but this baby does flips all day long. On one hand this pregnancy has gone by so fast, on the other hand I'm ready for it to be done. I popped a lot faster and have felt pregnant a lot longer than I did with Anna..... could this be because I only had 6 months between having Anna and getting pregnant again? :) I'm very thankful for a very uneventful pregnancy and that all looks wonderful, but I'm ready to have my body back and be able to bend again! :) The baby's room is coming along. Hopefully over this long weekend, I'll get the baby's room finished so we can clear coat it and get the furniture in there. Yay! That'll make it feel more real and make me more prepared.

Anna is doing great. She had her 12 month checkup/shot appointment last Thursday. She's a huge 20 pounds 6 ounces. Her height and weight are in the 35% and her head is in the 75%. Hehe. She got her MMR shot, chicken pox shot and 1 of 2 flu shots. She did really well, it was the next day that she got crabby. So we gave her ice cream that night and she went crazy! She was banging her head on the lazyboy, running between Gary and I to get bites and was just running around being goofy. It was hilarious. Otherwise she continues to eat and sleep really well, she loves having books read to her. We've even memorized Dr. Seuss' ABC book! She moved to the middle room at daycare and loves it! She has a lot more room to move, eats at the table sometimes, takes naps on the mat sometimes and does crafts! She's growing up so fast!

Gary and I continue to do well. We had the basement about 40% and the best thing right now is that we were able to move our cars back in the garage! We got rid of a lot of stuff, packed things better and now have brand new shelves to load up with stuff. :) Working on the baby's room, Thanksgiving preparations, buying Christmas gifts, decor and cards and keeping track of Anna is our duties right now. Gary's doing a lot right now as I'm not able to bend very well anymore or do any lifting.

Hope all is well with you!

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