Monday, November 17, 2008

Had to share!

Last night, while perusing Facebook, a friend from highschool posted about a Britax car seat on sale at Target for $42.99. I couldn't believe it. So I checked it out. Sure enough, the same (different pattern) one we just bought for Anna with $75 off for the bargin price of $225 was on sale at Target for $42.99. On top of that, it qualified for free shipping, so we got a $300, highest rating car seat for the mear price of $45! Who knows if it was a typo or a clearance sale, but we got in just before they were sold out. Hind site, we should have purchased 5 of them and resold them for a huge profit! Dumb hind site. :) Either way, we scored a new seat for our other vehicle for Anna to use now and to be used by #2 in a year. Now that's shopping friends!

New Seat at $45

Anna's seat at $225

UPDATE: Target sent out an email saying the cancelled my order b/c the price was wrong. Well poo on them! Apparently it says they can do that in their help section. Blah.

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