Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our baby is One!

The little booger has turned one! So much has happened in the past year that it seems like so long ago that she was born, but in the same right, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home and learning how to be parents. She has certainly changed our lives forever and we couldn't be more happy and excited to be called her parents.

We had a big birthday bash for her at our house. I don't know where we'd put anymore people (or gifts for that matter)! It was a beautiful fall day with the sun shining all day. We had a good hot meal of hot beef, baked beans and fruit salad. Anna, of course, loved the baked beans and Great Grandma helped her finish up the mandarin orange salad. After lunch, we had her open her mound of gifts. I think she got a little overwhelmed with all people watching her and that we kept taking things away so she could open another one. She really just wanted the first few things (especially her babies). The theme seemed to be "farm" with all kinds of toys and books referring to farms. She loved most of the things, but of course, some things scared her and we got those out of sight. :) Then came the cake. She was a bit hesitant at first and just picked at the frosting like a good little girl. Hehe. Then I pulled some of the cake away so she could see that there was more to it. She started to get into it. :) She was wearing/eating the cake along with sharing it, as she does with a lot of her food, with willing recipients. After she seemed to just want to share her cake, we took her upstairs for a chocolate cake bath and down for a well need nap! It was a nice day filled with family and friends. Now what to do with that overflowing pile of dolls, animals and toys..... good thing we're having another one!

Anna has been kind of letting us know she doesn't really need a bottle anymore, so we've taken her off of that a couple weeks ago. My handy dandy Baby Center website told me she doesn't need as much of that anymore as she's getting her nutrients elsewhere, so now we're on to sippy cups of milk, juice and water. She's a really good eater (better than Gary and I in some cases) that she'll eat just about anything we put in front of her. She still doesn't like broccoli.... She loves hamburger meat, corn, bread, condiments (hehe, ketchup, pasta sauce) and any kind of fruit. She still sleeps through the night, an occassional drama session happens when her pipe gets lost or she can't find Mr. Frog or Shudder (her ghost). She loves her bath and likes to put all of her foam numbers and letters on the sides of the tub without being prompted! She also loves the naked run from the bathroom to her room. Hehe. She has the cutest little baby butt! She still rather have things in each hand that match, like 2 blocks, 2 dolls, 2 giant pillows or 2 shoes. I don't know where she got that, but it's funny how she searches for the two items that go together. She loves being read to and she turns the pages faster than we can read! Good thing we're starting to memorize some of her books (I'm a little teapot, You're my little love bug).

She's starting to find her imagination too. The other day, Gary and I were sitting at the dining room table finishing up dinner. We got her down from her highchair and let her roam. Crumbs usually fall on the foot ledge on her chair and she picks them off and hands them to us (or eats them). I took them from her and put them on the table. She continued to pull crumbs but I looked and there wasn't anymore left, but she pretended to pick them up and put them on the table. It was so cool to see that!

She's learning "no" better too or she'll stand right in front of the thing she knows she's not supposed to touch with us just giving her a look. It's not as drama filled as it once was, but let me tell you, when drama does happen, it's a devistating, ear piercing scream cry. It's so over the top, we have to laugh. Then she looks at you with these tear filled, squinty eyes saying I'm so sad, pick me up. Hehe.

Her giggle is great! She loves it when daddy attacks her and we tickle her tummy or feet. It's the best. She's still saying dada, mama, and what sounds like "what's that?" on top of the "eh eh eh" when she wants something. So I got a baby signs book out to see if that'll work for her to express what she wants rather than whine. It might be too late. :)

Here are some pictures from her birthday. One disc has become corrupt and hopefully we can get the rest off this weekend. :( Anna's First Birthday!

Baby #2 is definitely becoming more active and letting me know that the time is getting closer. Speaking of which, we're figuring out placement and what we're going to do in the room yet. I know, cutting it a lot closer this time, but it'll be a little more interactive than just paint on the wall. So everything has to be just so, of course. :) At least the room is painted! Hopefully this weekend will lend itself for the start of doing that. Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good. Some days are more tiring than others, but I think I'm doing pretty well. I have my glucose test today. Ugh. I'll probably have to get my blood tested like last time with everything turning out fine, it's just a bit of a pain.... literally. Oh well.

Gary and I are doing well. Trying to find time to fit all of our grand plans in each night and weeknd. Time certainly does fly! We have the basement roughed in, so now on to heating and cooling, electric and a massage go through of our stuff. On top of all our side work we have from websites to wedding invites, we're definitely busy people! But we're managing. :)

I'll try to post some pictures up of our rooms that I've been talking about for weeks and other things. Try, being the key word.

Have a lovely rest of the week!


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