Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, baby('s)

We're still alive and well (and busy) here. Our less traveling has turned into errand running, painting and keeping Anna from climbing the stairs. The little girl has found her legs and prefers them mostly to crawling now. We usually encourage her to walk by picking her back up when we're walking around with her. She started out walking around with her little hands and arms in the air like we were holding her hands while she walked. Now she's getting a lot more confident and totting around with toys in her hand or all over the place. It's adorable to see this little half pint wobbling around.

She still has her 4 little teeth and could be teething again, but I can't see anything yet. And for those of you know Anna, she doesn't like her face messed with! Washing her face off after she eats is the most devistating event 4 times a day for this little girl. This past weekend we started to notice a build up of gunk in her eyes and a drippy nose. So bad that for the past few days, she couldn't even open her eyes when she woke up. We felt horrible! So Monday Gary stayed home with her and I called the doctor. They said to just wipe her eyes with a warm cotton swab. She hated that of course! Tuesday seemed worse and we felt terribly guilty for bringing her in to daycare, so Gary stayed home with her and he called the doctor. They saw her and found out she had this horribly contagious eye cold and that she had to be on drops for 24 hours to not be contagious anymore. So I stayed home with her on Wednesday and she finally started to be herself again (not crabby). Yesterday and today she's back at daycare with her friends and she's doing so much better thanks to those eye drops that she loves so much!

She's eating really well, especially when we give her bigger chunks to chew on and pull pieces off of. She loves her cut up fruit most of all. She does really well drinking from a straw and a sippy cup (and from the cup in the tub where she loves the soapy bath water, eww....). She goes in waves of drinking all of bottle, so this may be her way of telling us she's about done with that. Yay!

Otherwise she's babbling more with mama, dada, daddy, yeah, ba ba, but doesn't always know what to associate them with. She loves reading her books and to climb on our laps for us to read and read and read family favorites such as "I See a Tractor" and "I'm a little teapot". :) She plays blocks with daddy as he stacks them and she knocks them all over. She puts things in the seat of her car and takes them out. She climbs the stairs with such speed and is still learning how to get back down. She loves being outside, going for walks with mom and dad and pulling mom's flowers off, handing them to me and taking them back to put them back on the stem. Doesn't quite get the cause and effect on that one. She giggles hard when we tickle her tummy and she loves to attack daddy when he's on the floor. She's an amazing little girl and every day we feel so lucky to have her in our lives.

Baby Tidd #2: This little baby is starting to get bigger and so is mommy! I think I'm popping a lot quicker with this one and feel more pregnant sooner. It's starting to kick quite a bit and felt some hiccups for the first time a few weeks ago. Gary has been able to feel the baby move a little but it'll be soon enough where it'll be a lot more frequent as it starts to run out of room! I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and all sounded good. The heartrate was in the 140's and I was measuring a couple weeks bigger (I did with Anna too and she turned out to be a peanut!). After this next appointment I start the every other week appointments again. Crazy how fast this one is going! Speaking of fast, we have to get started on the baby's room! We have the color picked out, some of the furniture, but we have to going or I'll be too big to paint everything I want to! Next weekend is looking like another painting weekend. :) And I checked it out - the baby is just over a 1 1/4 pounds and about as long as an ear of corn. This baby is definitely growing!

Mom & Dad: Work is busy for both of us but we're managing. I'm finishing up a 2 week cold/cough thing, Anna followed and now Gary is getting it. Yay. Good thing the weather is going to cool down and we can open windows again! We painted the rails of the outside steps last weekend with the fronts and sides of the stairs to get yet. Hopefully before the snow flies. We've been trying to get some more side work done so when baby comes we don't have to worry about it so much (or at all I hope!).

We're headed to Chicago this weekend to visit with the fam and to see Uncle Wayne "race" in a trailer race where you purchase a junkie car and a well attached trailer. They go around a figure 8 track trying to knock the trailer off other vehicles. We went a couple years ago and had a blast! Hehe. We're also getting things together for Anna's first birthday on the 18th. Exciting!

We hope all is well and enjoy the photos and video of the Boog. :) Have a lovely weekend!

Gary, Christie and Anna

Photos from the photo shoot for Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Annivesary

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