Wednesday, June 11, 2008

She's getting so big!

The Banana is going to be 8 months old very soon! It's hard to believe how much she's learned in a short amount of time. I was going through photos of when she was first born and the clothes we put on her till she was 3 months b/c she was so little and knowing now that those clothes are packed away already and we're on to 9 month clothes!

It seems like each week (sometimes a few times a week!) she comes up with something new to do that leaves Gary and I looking at eachother saying "did you see that?" She has learned how to scooch herself up on to her knees and on a rare ocassion, on to her feet (that was only with dad on the floor). Once she gets on her knees and plays for a few minutes, she starts crying b/c she doesn't know what to do next. Because she doesn't cry all that often, we like to watch her cry. It's so pathetic looking, but so cute! :) She's mastered the army crawl - getting into a lot of things now. Of course being a baby, she wants to eat the littlest things and put the oddest things in her mouth. She's also taken a few crawls a couple days ago! She gets to her hands and knees fine, but plops down to move. We got her doing a few crawl finally (I know I'll regret that later) but she's well on her way to being a full fledged crawler.

She's so much fun with her little personality. She'll mimic you with screams and babble. She looks at you when you call Anna or Booger. We're trying to teach her what no means (a never ending battle to the day we die, we know) with her trying to get into things that aren't hers. She gets very upset when you push her hand away from something she shouldn't have. Stubborn little thing!

We're trying to introduce finger foods as she's learned how to pick things up using her fingers rather than her whole hand. It's gone ok - a bit of gagging and a freaked out mom. She's grabbing the spoon from us when we're feeding, her so we're trying to show her how to eat with a spoon. Yeah, that's going well. :) Dad also let her be as messy as she could be. I think they both had fun with that!

She's sitting up on her own and apparently gets into the sitting position at daycare. We have yet to see it ourselves - maybe that's her big next move to show us. But when we put her into the sitting position, I call it her prison as she just sits there and doesn't know how to get in that position. She doesn't mind for the most part - we usually can't leave her alone long enough for it to bother her.

She's also learned how to clap. It's the cutest thing and she does it a lot! I don't know if she learned it at daycare or at home. We clap a lot with her, so maybe a bit of both. Either way, it's darn cute.

No teeth yet, but we're have a lot more symptoms of them. I keep checking - despite her protesting. We've removed the baby tub from the big tub b/c she can sit on her own now, but it's also so much easier to wash her with out the constraints of the little tub. I don't think she cares either way, as long as she has letters to chew on. We've also started to put her in highchairs in restaurants rather than in her car seat. It gives her a bit more freedom and I think she's appreciative for that. :)

As for the boring parents, we're hoping to finish our darn landscaping this weekend. The weather or other plans have gotten in the way of doing so. So I'm hoping! Then on to painting and other projects. Everything is going well for us otherwise.

Have a great weekend if I don't post again before then! Enjoy the pictures and videos!


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