Thursday, June 26, 2008

She's a crawlin'!

(I wrote this on Thursday, so adjust accordingly.) We've had an eventful past couple weeks with the Booger. Cousin Katie came out a couple weekends ago for a visit. Anna had her first introduction to the Grand Haven Farmer's Market. We picked up a few goodies and took a walk along the boardwalk. We had lunch at the Kirby with our friends Jenn and Abby. Then we took Anna for her first beach experience! She did so well, in the sand anyway. She really didn't try to eat it either! Then we brought her to the water where the mood changed when the cold water and waves washed up on her feet. We're looking forward to more beach trips with her (we'll be a little more prepared this time).

Anna had also, at the time, figured out how to pull herself up on semi-stable objects. Since then, she's learned how to do it like a pro.

We started the week with a transition of daycare locations. I take her and pick her up now, which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The set up is different there, but Anna has seemed to adapt just fine. She has become the baby that gets in all the smaller babies faces, rather than the one they try to keep the older ones away from.
Over the course of the last couple weeks, a lot of it this week, she's mastered the "pull herself up on everything" and she still army crawls but we're switching it up with the actual crawl! It's so much fun to see her learn new things - we also know we really have to keep an eye on her. We have a basket of magazines and books on the floor that are mine and Gary's that she seems to gravitate too. We've been trying to teach her "no" (being 8 months, not sure how possible it is to understand that) by pushing her hand away from the basket when she gets there. She wails like we keep breaking her heart over and over again. But we figure we'll keep those things down so she'll learn what's hers and what's ours.

Last night we were upstairs doing laundry and we were playing with her in her room. She has this frog that vibrates and plays music if you push it's back. This is no ordinary vibrating frog. It vibrates hard. And apparently this particular frog scares the crap out of Anna. We didn't realize it as we haven't had it out much yet. So I pushed it to vibrate and set it by her. She acted like this frog was going eat her for dinner. She freaked out! Then she has this beautiful soft lamb that winds up to play soothing music, she freaked out with that too! We have no idea why these 2 animals do it to her b/c she has many other animals that quack or sing. We had to laugh though - her reaction is priceless.

Today was another first for me to experience. I brought her to daycare. Brought her to where she needs to go, gave her kisses, said goodbye and set her down to play. She looked at me and started crying, like are you going to leave me and crawled towards the door. My heart sank. She never did that before. So I picked her up, told her she's ok and stood her up by her saucer. I said goodbye again and waved, she smiled and does her little wave and I left on happier note. She's figuring out a little bit of separation anxiety as she's figuring out her raw emotions.

She's also been waking up once a night a few nights week with wails of crying. We think it's teething and waves of pain come. One night, I went in and gave her her pipe and her little froggy she cuddles up with (oh my goodness, it's so darn cute!), rubbed her back and walked out. She (you'll see a pattern here) wailed like I just left her forever. This is newest thing and she obviously gets results. It's really quite cute and funny to watch b/c she doesn't cry all that much. So it doesn't bother us. :)
Let's see, what else. We're starting to give her finger foods (so far melon and Ritz) so she can start figuring that out. Tonight she did fairly well! She says da-da, ma-ma, ba-ba but doesn't really know what they are. She has moved from making noises with her arm and mouth, to using her fingers and moves them up and down on her mouth to create noise. It's really cute too. :) She does it when she's upset too. I don't know why, but it's funny. She talks, screams, makes noises and likes to be on her knees playing with her basket of toys. She's getting very squrimy if she's in your lap too long and wants to be down. Basically she's all over the place. But she's so much fun and love seeing her figure things out and keeping developing who she is.

Mom and Dad are doing well too. Work is busy for both of us. We "finished" our landscaping for the year. I'll get pictures of that up this weekend. And we added a new member to our family - a lawnmower. It's a beauty, all shiny and red. Not what we wanted to buy right now, but it's all about the homeownership, right? :) We're starting some painting projects too. Another changed is that it was time to cut off 6 years of hair. It was time for a change so here is the before....

Gary and I celebrate our 5th Anniversary this Saturday! What a ride it's been and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. I planned the evening with a nice dinner and a Whitecaps game! We can't wait. (Here is the after.)
Stay tuned for another post this week with more pictures and more updates!

Love to you all and have a great weekend!


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Katie said...

cute cousin!


i like the hair cut. doesn't it cut out so much shower time?
have a good fourth with the fam!