Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hi ho, Hi ho, it's back to work I go....

Well the time has come. Monday I head back to good ole Spring Lake to get back at it. I'm looking forward to having a little structure back during the day where I can get a little odds and ends done without worrying about Anna's eating, playing and sleeping schedule, but I really don't want to leave my little girl all day everyday. I know Monday is going to be hard, but I know what we have to do as a family and pray that we all remain safe each day.

The past week we've introduced prune juice and soy formula to Anna. As usual, she took to both of them just fine, she'll even take them both cold if need be! What a tropper she is. She didn't poop (yes more poop stories) for a week, my doctor said use a rectal thermometer to stimulate her and walla, we have poop. Then she wouldn't poop again, lots and lots of stinky gas, but no poop. So in comes prune juice and walla, we have poop again. The soy formula is easier to digest, so we have her on that right now and an occasional prune juice 1oz bottle.

She's a smiley thing these days. Right after she eats, she's usually in a really good mood and you get her to smile for quite awhile. She's also really trying to find her voice and I'm sure we'll soon hear different sounds coming from her. She's filling out, still a little peanut. She won't be going back to the doctor till the end of the month so I won't find out her weight and height till then. My guess is she's about 7 1.2 to 8 pounds and about 22 or 23" long. She has to get her 2 month shots at the end of the month. Daddy gets to do that with her. :)

This weekend we're debuting as Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus for Journey of Joy at my home church. No speaking parts, unless Anna has something to say, so that's good. It should be a good time and a good witness to those who haven't heard the true Christmas story.

Otherwise, Gary's doing well at work, doing a lot of training sessions and has a couple business trips to learn more about what he's doing for Calvin. It's a nice environment with great people. We are certainly blessed to have great places to work.

Well back to business here. Have a great weekend and stay safe with the snow that's coming!

Gary, Christie & Anna

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