Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Projectile poop and a programmer position

This is her sleeping face. Aww.... :)
(Above and below) This is how we hang out during the day when I need to do some work and she wants to be held. :)

Sheilding her eyes from the bright basement lights.

Usually she likes her baths, but today she wasn't having any part of it (expect under the faucet, she loves!)

Our big eyed girl!

Too cute. :)

Well life isn't dull, that's for sure. As cute and adorable as Anna is, her bowels are alive and well. She was fussing, so I figured I'll see if she needs to be changed. Yep, she had a wet diaper. I took that one off, wiped her up and as I was putting on the new diaper, she started to pee. I was like ok, we'll have to change the onesie, no biggie. Nope, she wasn't going to stop there. She proceeded to poop all over her clean diaper, on the changing table, on my shirt and pants and on the floor. So it wasn't just a little squirt, it was projectile poop. (I know this is gross, but as so many have told me and I've heard, you start talking about such lovely things.) That was just the start of my day, with a long night before, with everything taking extremely long and me not really getting anything done all day. Oh well, it's such a joy to be home with her and watch her grow. I forgave her, but have learned to cover up in the midst of the diaper change. :)

Well the call came. Gary got the job at Calvin College! What an answer to so many prayers. Sometimes we felt that this day wouldn't come for quite some time, but the Lord is right there with us, urging us to trust in Him even when we're getting impatient. He starts on November 26. He'll get full benefits with 4 weeks vacation and 1 week at Christmas. They are very family oriented and seems to be a great place to be a part of. Gary will be done at GFS at the end of this week or mid next week, so we'll have some extra time together as a family and be able to be in Chicago for a few extra days. We're looking forward to that.

I started doing some work from home. A few things to work out, but so far it's going alright. Anna certainly takes up a lot of my day, but during naps I'm able to get some things done. Anna has only given us a couple hard nights so far, otherwise she is eating a lot and sleeping a lot, but is still staying awake longer. She's filling out little by little, but is still a peanut.

Well back to work before the little pistol wakes up again. :)


Gary, Christie and Anna


Blog said...

Tell Gary congratulation for me, will ya? I'm sure that alleviates some stress!

i SiN said...

look at the pro in action!! hehe you two are so adorable. your story reminded me of those lovely times we had scrubbing off the walls in the nursery after an unexpected error in diaper changing... hehe

Dana said...

Hey...congrats on the job. I'm so happy for you guys...it must be a relief. It is hard to be patient...I'm still trying to master that art. :) Love the baby stories and pics. Take care...all of you!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how the stories you tell change so drastically after having a baby? I remember Matthew not pooping for a few days, me getting worried, and when he finally did telling everyone around! :) And, it amazed me how far a little boy can pee! You got to keep that little thing covered up let me tell you! It's so fun to read about your journey into parenthood. And I sure hope we can meet up around Thanksgiving. Brad may still be off then recovering from surgery yet, so it may work out! Keep the stories coming! Love, Melissa

katie said...

congrats gary!!

excited to see you guys over thanksgiving.