Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pistol Pete

Our darling little Anna is just a perfect angel during the day, with other people, but at night, things change. The past couple nights, Anna has decided to burn the midnight oil and stay awake until 2am or so. Gary set the tone the first night by putting her in her "Party in my Crib at 2am" onesie on, from there she spit up in his mouth (I saw that coming, never put a well fed baby in the air over your face). Hehe. It's been a bit frustrating as she is usually just fed and changed, yet she continues to scream at the top of her lungs. We've decided today that she sleeps too much during the day, gets cuddled a little too much and isn't in her crib with it dark and quiet, so she's in her crib sleeping right now with it dark and quiet and when those 3 hours are up, we'll get her up to feed her and keep her awake for awhile again. I'm going to try to get her on a better schedule, have her sleep more often in her crib and have her do more tummy time and awake time during the day, so at night, she sleeps for goodness sake! We're also introducing the bottle this week so she gets used to eating from that as well. She's a cronic sucker anyway (she sucks on her own hands, our fingers, her pipes and even Gary's hairy arm!). She did well this morning, she drank almost 3 ounces. So that seems to be an easy transition. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, pumping is an interesting event and just another new thing to add to the list.

Other than her days and nights being terribly mixed up at times, she's doing wonderful. She's starting to smile a lot more (mostly in her sleep, but still..), her cheeks are filling out, her wrinkley legs and arms are not as wrinkley anymore, she's more alert and responding to toys, she likes laying on her Rainforest mat and looking at all the animals, and hopefully gaining weight at a good pace. She's still as cute and adorable, probably getting more so each day. :) We also had our last baby shower and boy did she get a load of clothes! This girl has more clothes than Gary and I combined! I hope she's able to get use out of them, if not, hopefully we have another girl at some point. She also has a ton of books, a whole library now and a box full of toys and stuff animals. What a spoiled little girl... and it's only the beginning. :)
Gary and I are enjoying our time together at home, getting some side work done, going new car shopping (yay!) and just having some extra time adjusting as a family (the help at night has been great!). God has truely blessed us with our awesome marriage, our beautiful home, our amazing little girl, our great jobs and wonderful family and friends. He truely has been with us through all these ups and downs and will continue to do so.

**This just in..... Anna decided to save up some quality projectile poop and pee for dad this morning. Hehe. It was great.

Have a great mid-week!


Gary, Christie and Anna

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Anonymous said...

she does tummy time? i'm jealous! i still can't get my chunky man to do it without having a total ear splitting screaming fit =)

i love the picture with you and her, it's so precious!

see you guys tonight...