Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 12-13: Two under 2

Spring is here! (Can I say that so soon?) We're hitting the 50's and 60's this week, so we're well on our way to warmer days. This year wasn't too bad for me anyway, I was in the house most of the winter on maternity leave with the girls. I recommend having babies in winter - good excuse to stay in. :)
For all of you who just like to look at pictures, here's the latest. :)

Let's see, what have we been up to... Last Saturday we had a busy day of a baby shower for our friends, Steve and Rebecca. She's having a little girl, Olivia, next month! In our neighborhood, we've set a requirement that all girls should begin and end in vowels (Olivia, Anna, Isabella, Alyssa and Asha) and boys (Ethan) start with a vowel. Too funny! I made my first diaper cake as a gift, which I think turned out pretty darn good.
We rounded out the weekend with church and dinner with Gary's grandparents and parents. His grandpa is doing ok. He's quite weak and tired these days. If you could pray for him and grandma, they'd really appreciate it.
Gary flew out Sunday afternoon for a conference in DC for a few days. He went with a few co-workers and his boss. He went to a bunch of seminars and participated in a panel discussion about making academic offices paperless, making them rely more on technology than paper. He got us all a souvenier and took some camera phone pictures. Alex and Sheila took turns staying with me to help me get out the door on time each morning - thank you! We gladly welcomed him back home Wednesday night.
Friday afternoon we headed to Chicago for an overnight trip. We hadn't seen Ryan and Angela since Christmas and they had yet to meet Izzy, so it was nice to get out there a little earlier. Saturday morning was a shower for my cousin Katie who's getting married in June. I'm glad we were able to make it! I was able to help Katie with her invites (which turned out beautifully!) and have loved watching her bring her dreams to life. Makes me want to redo my wedding day stuff (not the day!). Saturday night we were back in MI to get ready for Easter Sunday.
Sunday started out good with Anna finding her eggs from her bedroom door to her Easter basket in her seat for breakfast. She did good for awhile but got bored after a bit. Soon after breakfast started, Izzy was coughing so hard, she threw up. She's been sick with a cold for awhile but she started not eating well the last few days and coughing. So we called the on-call service and said we were doing all the right things. Monday (this morning) we wanted the doctor to look at her and he gave her the all clear, she just has a cold in her head and her way of clearing her throat is coughing. So hopefully the next few days bring us a more restful Izzy. Poor girl. We did nursery Sunday morning and had lots of beautiful kids with pastely clothes on. Too cute. Dinner was at Grandma and Grandpa's again. We had a nice time where the girls got baskets from G&G Tidd and we were able to help Grandma clean out her fridge and help Grandpa to bed. So needless to say, it was a draining day!
Hopefully the next week will bring us good health, sunny days and new experiences. We're doing well despite minor set backs. We're thankful for our jobs, our little girls, our marriage, our families and for the death and resurrection our Savior!
Hope this find everyone well, getting their gardens ready and planning summer vacations!
Love to you all,

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Dang someone used Asha! I wanted to be the first to use that name.