Thursday, July 17, 2008

A new approach

I might have to do this blog in terms of updates on the family and other adventures. We'll give it a whirl. :)

Baby Tidd #2: I'm at week 14 and all seems to be well in baby land. According to my trusty Baby Center newsletters, it's about 3.5" long and the size of a lemon. I'm still feeling well, no morning sickness or nausea this time. But this time is different as in the last month or so a lot of food I eat doesn't sit well with me. Leads me to believe it's a boy - but that's what I thought last time. :) And for all you curious souls, we aren't going to find out again. We loved finding out at the end, it made all the work so worth it. Sorry Grandmas. :) You can always get us diapers! :) I'm gathering more ideas for the room, haven't put them all together yet. The room will be a sherbert orange, I can tell you that much. I haven't felt any fluttering yet. Some pants are too tight, but I'm by no means showing yet.

Anna the Banana: She will be 9 months on Friday - hard to believe! It's amazing where she started and how far she's come in such a short period of time. She truely is the joy of our lives. We still go in every night to watch her sleep (and for daddy to move her back to the center of her crib to prevent dents in the head or stuck limbs). If one goes in there before the other, we usually find the other one and say "come look at her." She's gotten so big as the first time we put her in there we felt so bad that this crib was swallowing her. Now, she gets stuck in the rails, pulls herself up in the morning so we can get her out. She's amazing. She's crawling everywhere and into a lot of things. She's eating more and more adult food and not gagging near as much anymore (that's a relief to her parents). She becomes clingy closer to bed and just needs you close to play on or climb on. :) She babbles more and more - I hear a few more syllables of words come out every once in awhile. She has 2 teeth on the bottom and is getting better at letting us see them. She still is a trooper with letting mom and dad drag her all over town and on crazy vacations! She rolls with it like no baby I've ever seen. I swear we lucked out with the best baby ever born (Anna if you're reading this later in life, remember that we said this about you. :)).

Mom & Dad: We're boring. We wake up, do our routine, go to work, pick up Anna, come home, eat, play with Anna, do Anna's nightly routine, relax or do other things we have to get done before we head to bed. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. :) Everything is going well for us though - we can't complain at all considering the economy these days. We are truely blessed to have eachother, our jobs, money to pay our bills and great family.

So that's are update on our growing family of soon to be 4. I'm going to post again this week, maybe even today! Gasp. I know.

Love to you all!

Gary, Christie and Anna the Banana

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Anonymous said...

oh wow! there is tons of updates since last i checked... hehe

ok, so i had a dream you have another girl so, that must mean it's a boy this time. LOL

take care you both!