Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh forgotten blog

Well I haven't forgotten about it, I just haven't had an ounce of time to do much of anything. I don't quite remember all that's gone on specifically, so I'll write it as I remember it. :)

We're so glad the weather is finally cooperating. We've still had cold nights and rainy days, but the end is in site. A couple weekends ago, we had a community clean up day where everyone got together to replace mulch and clean up the common areas. I think we chose a wonderful neighborhood to be apart of, young couples with potential to have kids, people who seem to care about one another. I was at home with Anna as she took her nap, so I snapped this "meeting of the minds at the dead tree" (look way in the center back). Hehe.
Then Anna had her first experience playing in the grass while Gary and Uncle Alex raked the yard. She seemed to like it. I'm sure as we do it more, she'll want to put the grass and all that's around it in her mouth.We've been to the doctor with Anna 4 times in about 3 weeks. It sounds like a lot, but we're really not "those" parents. We brought her in the first time b/c Gary and daycare had noticed she was pulling her ear a lot. So she goes in, doctor said she was either on her way to get better or worse and to bring her in in 2 days and he could tell. So brought her in 2 days later, she was on the mends and all was good. A week later, she's pulling at them again. Made an appointment b/c we were headed to Chicago for the weekend, so we wanted to make sure she was alright. She was perfectly fine. A week after that (yesterday), I had to bring her in for her 6 months shots. What a trooper she is! After all those doctor's appointments, she only wailed for about 20 seconds, picked her up and she's smiling and happy as can be. No Tylenol this time either. And found out today, that she's allergic to the adhesive perhaps in the bandaids b/c she has some sores around where they sat overnight.

Anna is ready to crawl/walk at any moment. Not walk so much, but if she could, she would. She gets up on her hands and knees now, rocks a bit and doesn't know what to do after that. She scoots herself around in circles, rolls across the floor, gets to just about whatever she wants. We're in need of gates very soon. :)
She's definitely finding many of her emotions these days. She gets very scared if it's not mom or dad waking her up or there when she does wake up. Or she gets scared if I turn her around too fast, she'll grab on to our faces/hair/clothes to keep from falling. She's talks a lot and says "ga ga ga" very well. If something falls from her grasp, she doesn't think it disappears, she follows it and looks for it. She does the same with people who aren't holding her, she follows them like a hawk.

She's eating all the first stage foods now and we're going to move on to 2's once we finish the ones we have. We've also introduced baby oatmeal and loves it just as everything else she does.

We celebrated Gary's 31st birthday last Sunday. What an old man he is. Hehe. Just kidding. I did a "secret" present for him that he was a part of, but couldn't see the end result until it was birthday time. So here's the end result (sorry about the stupid flash in the image):
We spent the weekend over Gary's birthday in Chicago with my side of the family. Gary and I have been working on revamping my home church's website and held a meeting for it on Friday afternoon. Everyone seems to like it and it'll be a really cool site when it's finished. We headed to Orland Mall on Saturday, bummed around, had Boss Birthday's at night and Anna played pass the baby very well once again. Sunday we relaxed after church until we headed back home (where of course, we had to stop at Sherman's).

Gary and I have been keeping busy with work and now with side work as well. We're working on a couple of websites, I'm trying to get new stuff up on Etsy, working on my website and I just got my cards in at a little shop in Grand Haven! Woohoo! We'll see how that goes. Tourist season is upon us and maybe they'll feel generous even with a bad economy. We'll see, but it's exciting. We've been gearing up for yard work, spring cleaning the entire house and all those other household chores that never end.

We're all doing well. I hope to get better again on updating the site, if not, have no fear, we're doing well just really busy. :) Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully the weather cooperates!

Love to you all,

Gary, Christie and Baby Boog

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